Thursday, November 3, 2016

Red, Checkerboard Scarf

A fun easy purl, knit pattern that was my second pattern I ever tried.

Cast on 26 stitches.  This will give you six rows of squares.   (If you prefer odd number rows (7) you can cast on 30 and follow the same instructions)

Row 1 & 3:  K1, P4, *K4, P4; repeat from * to last st, K1

Row 2 & 4:  K5, *P4, K4; repeat from *n to last st, K1

Repeat Rows until it is as long as you want the scarf - of course, end with Row 4 and bind off.  I prefer casting on with a long tail cast on and binding off with your favorite method - mine is using a needle as it makes a nice stretchy edge.  I will try and find a good "how to" for this and post it here in a  bit...

a similar scarf on You Tube: (my squares are 4 stitches per square, not 3) 

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